Key Production Group

We’ve been working with Key Production Group to raise the profile of Founder & CEO, Karen Emanuel, based on her 30 years in the music business. Key Production specialises in the production and manufacture of CDs, DVDs and vinyl records, as well as the beautifully artworked packaging for both music and other industries. For over a quarter of a century, it has been forming great ongoing relationships with major labels and independent artists to create successful projects that make ‘the stuff of music’.
Key Production’s work can be seen in the full A-to-Z of music artists, from Alt-J to The XX, and their creations even include cassettes lusted after by a growing army of instagram-friendly retro fans! We secured an entire page in The Guardian featuring Karen’s opinions on why cassettes are back, plus articles in i newsGQ and MoneyWise, a sofa slot on BBC World News (TV), and a highly popular interview with DJ Jo Good for BBC Radio London which had listeners send in scores of emails about this spool-tactic format whilst on air!
In 2019 our team announced news of the carbon balancing of the company in collaboration with C-Level via CommuniTree – a certified tree planting project in Nicaragua. In June 2020, Karen was interviewed for a podcast on about her company’s moves to make the entire supply chain more sustainable – a theme which Euronews also explored in an article entitled, ‘Is our addiction to Spotify ruining the planet?’
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we helped communicate the leadership philosophy and practical steps that Key Production was employing to keep the wheels turning on manufacture and production of it products, plus, importantly, how the company was supporting its employees through the crisis.
Besides helping to inspire other entrepreneurs via articles in the likes of as HR Magazine, Be The Business and Business Matters, the Curious PR team finds Karen speaking opportunities at UK universities, colleges and schools: This woman CAN – and having run Key Production for 30 years (in 2020), she’s inspiring others to reach for their ultimate goal, too.
Key Production Group