Helicopter Film Services

Helicopter Film Services
Helicopter Film Services

Amid a burgeoning visual special effects (VFX) industry which contributes markedly to the UK economy, Curious PR is working for world-leading aerial filming business, Helicopter Film Services (HFS).

Being retained by HFS Group means we have had the privilege of working with the world-renowned Aerial Director of Photography, Jeremy Braben, Assoc. BSC, who is the CEO of HFS Group (of which Helicopter Film Services is just one noisy, moving part!) Jeremy is known for his work with directors including George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Ron Howard, Paul Greengrass, and others.

Our work involves in a broad spectrum of PR and marketing activities, including media relations, sponsorship (including the prestigious Televisual Bulldog Awards), producing adverts and marketing assets. 

We also collaborate with OEMs such as ARRI, Fujinon and SONY concerning HFS’s latest technology and initiatives. For instance, we launched HFS’s Typhon array: six cameras mounted together to enable aerial (or ground-based) filming of ‘plates’ that are combined during post production to produce breath-taking sequences for which the UK nation is known. Typhon was used by HFS to capture the inspired train chase sequence in Paddington 2.

Then, we launched the Typhon2 which has a toe-in camera configuration. We also launched the TITAN Ultra-heavy Lift Drone – a ‘monster bit of kit’ that enables 35mm film or digital format cameras to be flown for even longer flying times. TITAN was designed following discussions with some legendary directors of photography who were looking for such a filming solution.

We also got to organise HFS’s 25 Year Anniversary Party at a Soho rooftop location (of course). We added brand partners, flight-themed playlists, and ensured the aviation-themed treats flew – all night long. Soon after, we were extremely proud to see Jeremy become an Associate Member of the British Society of Cinematographers, the BSC.


In 2020, we were proud to announce the company is carbon balancing its CO2 emissions – a first-in-sector move, supported by BAFTA albert and other groups that urge improved sustainability within Production. The news was featured in a special report by Maeve Campbell for Euronews, as well as in British Cinematographer and elsewhere.

Media coverage about HFS’s work continues to appear in important titles: American Cinematographer, (circulation: 90K),  Broadcast, Televisual, Definition, Broadcast Film & Video and other titles, plus in published books. And whilst he prefers to stay behind the camera, we sometimes insist Jeremy enters the studio, such as for his interview with Jo Good for BBC Radio London to yield fascinating insights and stories about aerial filming, including his baptism by fire working with Director, James Cameron, on Titanic!


With production almost entirely halted around the world in 2020 and early 2021 due to the pandemic, we nonetheless continued to publicise HFS’s contributions to award-winning productions. For example, its drown and helicopter work on Ralph Fiennes’ The Dig, George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky and Patty Jenkins’ Marvel movie, Wonder Woman 1984. Indeed, Jeremy was invited to speak to BBC World News in March 2021 to tell viewers how his company and crew have adapted to the situation, helping create some of the biggest productions of 2021 coming soon to a big OR small screen near you…