Our team provided media relations and social media services to Pegasus Brands to announce the rebirth of the legendary Italian motorsport marque, Bizzarrini, in November 2020. Bizzarrini is one of the most storied and iconic names in automotive history. The exciting news was covered by global, national and niche media around the globe in recognition of the marque being in new hands, with uniquely experienced leaders behind the wheel. We’re gearing up to communicate further about the marriage of the finest design, craftsmanship and engineering excellence in the automotive world, helping to ensure the legendary name lives on – for a new generation of enthusiasts and collectors.

Born in Livorno in 1926, Giotto Bizzarrini was an automobile engineer with a reputation for solving problems, leading him to work for Ferrari (including on the Ferrari 250 GTO) and to produce the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Stradale, the Le Mans class-winning A3/C, and the 1900 GT Europa, amongst others. He also worked for makers including Iso, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo.  The physical legacy of the Bizzarrini marque is scarce and fragmentary, save for a few extremely well-known, incalculably valuable cars. Tradition and technology are coming together to write exciting new chapters in the ongoing Bizzarrini story. We look forward to announcing more from the new owners of this legendary brand.

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